Mormonism or Islam

Its no doubt that Joseph Smith took a lesson from Mohammad and the Koran, below is an expose’ on both, the similarities are astonishing, along with Josephs quote:

“I have heard the Prophet say… if he was not let alone, he would be a second Mohammed to this generation… that like Mohammed, whose motto in treating for peace was, ‘the Alcoran [i.e., the Koran] or the Sword.’ So should it be eventually with us, ‘Joseph Smith or the Sword.’ ” (History of the Church, vol. 3, p. 167)



“For Muslims it is the infallible word of God, a transcript of a tablet preserved in heaven, revealed to the Prophet Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel…. According to Muslim tradition, one night in Ramadhan about the year 610 [A.D.], as he was asleep or in a trance, the Angel Gabriel came to him and said: ‘Recite!’ He replied: ‘What shall I recited?’ The order was repeated three times…

“The Koranic revelations followed each other at brief intervals and were at first committed to memory by professional remembrancers. During Mohammed’s life-time verses were written on palm-leaves, stones, and any material that came to hand. Their collection was completed during the caliphate of Omar,…” (The Koran, 1968, Introduction, p. 9-10)

Mohammed claimed that he was God’s true prophet and that he was restoring true religion to the earth. Twelve centuries later, the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith made a similar claim. He related that he was visited by an angel who revealed that he was chosen to translate the Book of Mormon, a work containing the “fullness of the everlasting Gospel.” Smith, of course, also claimed to be God’s true prophet and said that he was restoring the truth which had been lost through apostasy.

In the published account of his life, Joseph Smith related that he became very disturbed when he was a youth because of the “strife among the different denominations,” and this “cry and tumult” led him to ask God “which of all the sects were right — and which I should join.” He was told that he must “join none of them, for they were all wrong… that all their creeds were an abomination in his sight; that those professors were all corrupt…” (Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith 2:8-19) N. J. Dawood says that Mohammed was also concerned with the fact that the Jews and Christians had “divided themselves into schismatic sects.” In the scriptures given by Mohammed, we read: “Yet the Sects are divided concerning Jesus…. Truly, the unbelievers are in the grossest error.” (The Koran, translated by N. J. Dawood, Surah 19, p. 34) In Surah 30, page 190, this warning appears: “Do not split up your religion into sects, each exulting in its own beliefs.” In Surah 3, page 398, we read: “The only true faith in Allah’s sight is Islam. Those to whom the Scriptures [i.e., Jews and Christians] were given disagreed among themselves through jealousy only after knowledge had been given them.”

“This Koran could not have been composed by any but Allah. It confirms what was revealed before it and fully explains the Scriptures. It is beyond doubt from the Lord of Creation.

“If they say: ‘It is your own invention,’ say: ‘Compose one chapter like it.’ ” (The Koran, Surah 10, page 67)

“If they say: ‘He has invented it himself,’ say to them: ‘Invent ten chapters like it. Call on whom you will of your idols, if what you say be true. But if they fail you, know that it is revealed with Allah’s knowledge, and that there is no god but Him. Will you then accept Islam?’ ” (Surah 11, page 132)

In a revelation given November, 1831, Joseph Smith’s God gave a similar invitation to scoffers:

“And now I, the Lord, give unto you a testimony of the truth of these commandments… seek ye out of the Book of Commandments, even the least that is among them, and appoint him that is the most wise among you;

“Or, if there be any among you that shall make one like unto it, then ye are justified in saying that ye do not know that they are true;

But if ye cannot make one like unto it, ye are under condemnation if ye do not bear record that they are true.” (Doctrine and Covenants 67:4, 6-8)

Mohammed seemed to feel that although the Jews received the scriptures from Allah, they had corrupted them. In the Introduction to his translation of the Koran, p. 10, N. J. Dawood informs us that “Mohammed… firmly believed that he was the messenger of God, sent forth to confirm previous scriptures. God had revealed His will to the Jews and the Christians through chosen apostles, but they disobeyed God’s commandments… The Koran accuses the Jews of corrupting the Scriptures and the Christians of worshipping Christ as the son of God… having thus gone astray, they must be brought back to the right path, to the true religion preached by Abraham.”

In the Koran itself, we read: “Say: ‘Who, then, revealed the Scriptures which Moses brought down, a light and a guide for mankind? The Scriptures which you have transcribed on scraps of paper, declaring some of them and suppressing much, although you have now been taught what neither you nor your fathers knew before?’ ” (The Koran, Surah 6, p. 422) The Koran claims to bring to light things that were previously suppressed: “People of the Book! Our apostle has come to reveal to you much of what you have hidden of the Scriptures, and to forgive you much. A light has come to you from Allah and a glorious Book… Our apostle has come to reveal to you Our will after an interval during which there were no apostles… to you We have revealed the Book with the truth. It confirms the Scriptures which came before it and stands as a guardian over them.” (Surah 5, p. 378-79, 382)

Like Mohammed, Joseph Smith taught that the ancient scriptures were given by God but that they were corrupted by men and that things were suppressed. In the Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 13:26, 27, 29, this information appears: “Wherefore, these things go forth from the Jews in purity unto the Gentiles… And after they go forth… thou seest the foundation of a great and abominable church [the Roman Catholic Church], which is most abominable above all other churches; for behold, they have taken away from the gospel of the Lamb many parts which are plain and most precious; and also many covenants of the Lord have they taken away…. that they may pervert the right ways of the Lord, and they might blind the eyes and harden the hearts of the children of men…. because of the many plain and precious things which have been taken out of the book [the Bible]… an exceeding great many do stumble, yea, insomuch that Satan hath great power over them.”

While Joseph Smith claimed that the Bible was “the word of God” only so far “as it is translated correctly,” he put no such qualification on the Book of Mormon: “…we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.” (Pearl of Great Price, The Articles of Faith, Article No. 8) Smith, in fact, “told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth…” (History of the Church, vol. 4, p. 461) Joseph Smith, of course, went far beyond the Book of Mormon and produced two other books of scripture — the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. Like the Koran, therefore, Joseph Smith’s revelations take precedence over the Bible. Any portion of the Bible which disagrees with the teachings of Joseph Smith is rejected as defective.


We note that we found “over a hundred quotations from the New Testament in the first two books of Nephi alone, and these books were supposed to have been written between 600 and 545 B.C.!” The evidence of plagiarism is absolutely overwhelming


The Koran itself calls Mohammed “the Unlettered Prophet” (Surah 7, p. 253). In the Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 27:19, Joseph Smith is referred to as “him that is not learned.” That Joseph Smith, who came from a humble background, was able to produce works of “scripture” which have influenced millions of people does not prove that he was inspired by God. He had far more opportunities than Mohammed to acquire knowledge. Mohammed, for instance, lived before the invention of the printing press and therefore had no opportunity to read a printed newspaper, pamphlet or book. Joseph Smith, on the other hand, had access to his family’s newspaper, The Wayne Sentinel, as well as many other printed works. Mormon writer Milton V. Backman acknowledged that a library was organized in Manchester in 1817 and that it “contained histories, biographies, geographies, religious treatises, and other popular works of that age.” (Joseph Smith’s First Vision, p. 32)


Joseph Smith claimed that he was given an instrument known as the Urim and Thummim to translate the gold plates of the Book of Mormon. This instrument consisted of “two stones in silver bows” (History of the Church, vol. 1, p. 12). Although he used the Urim and Thummim to translated the first 116 pages which were stolen, statements by witnesses to the translation indicate that after the theft occurred, he used a “seer stone.” The Mormon historian B. H. Roberts wrote: “The Seer Stone referred to here was a chocolate-colored, somewhat egg-shaped stone which the Prophet found while digging a well in company with his brother Hyrum… It possessed the qualities of Urim and Thummim, since by means of it — as well as by means of the Interpreters found with the Nephite record, Joseph was able to translate the characters engraven on the plates.” (Comprehensive History of the Church, vol. 1, p. 129) Seer stones were often used by magicians and money-diggers for divination. Evidence shows that in 1826 Joseph Smith was arrested and brought before a Justice of the Peace in Bainbridge, New York, for using his seer stone, which he placed in his hat to exclude the light, to divine the location of buried treasures (see Major Problems of Mormonism, p. 122-127). 

David Whitmer, one of the Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon, was not ashamed of the fact that Joseph Smith used a seer stone to translate the Book of Mormon. Whitmer, in fact, frankly admitted that Smith followed the occultic practice of placing the stone in his hat to translate the Book of Mormon: “I will now give you a description of the manner in which the Book of Mormon was translated. Joseph would put the seer stone into a hat, and put his face into the hat, drawing it closely around his face to exclude the light; and in the darkness the spiritual light would shine. A piece of something resembling parchment would appear, and on that appeared the writing…. Thus the Book of Mormon was translated by the gift and power of God, and not by any power of man.” (An Address To All Believers In Christ, Richmond, Missouri, 1887, p. 12)

Joseph looked into the hat in which he placed the stone, and received a revelation that some of the brethren should go to Toronto, Canada, and that they would sell the copyright of the Book of Mormon. Hiram Page and Oliver Cowdery went to Toronto on this mission, but they failed entirely to sell the copyright, returning without any money. Joseph was at my father’s house when they returned. I was there also, and am an eye witness to these facts…. Well, we were all in great trouble, and we asked Joseph how it was that he had received a revelation from the Lord for some brethren to go to Toronto and sell the copy-right, and the brethren had utterly failed in their undertaking. Joseph did not know how it was, so he enquired of the Lord about it, and behold the following revelation came through the stone: ‘Some revelations are of God: some revelations are of man: and some revelations are of the devil.’ So we see that the revelation to go to Toronto and sell the copyright was not of God, but was of the devil or the heart of man.” (An Address To All Believers In Christ, 1887, p. 30-31)

“I have heard the Prophet say… if he was not let alone, he would be a second Mohammed to this generation… that like Mohammed, whose motto in treating for peace was, ‘the Alcoran [i.e., the Koran] or the Sword.’ So should it be eventually with us, ‘Joseph Smith or the Sword.’ ” (History of the Church, vol. 3, p. 167)


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