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Mormon Church Publishes Essay on “Women and the Priesthood” “Click here” Heavenly Mother (supports Heavenly Polygamy)

Church Members Oppose Sustaining First Presidency, First time in 30 years. “Click here”

Top Mormon Church Leader Acknowledges that Church “Made Mistakes” New York Times Article “Click here

LDS Church acknowledges Joseph Smith married underage girl and that he married other mens wives in new essays on polygamy | “Click here

Top Mormon Official Admits Mormonism is a Fake Religion – Newslo “Click here

John Dehlin Faces Disciplinary Action and possible excommunication: “Click here”

While we do not support the doctrine of the LDS Church, John a faithful Mormon who was speaking the LDS doctrine is being targeted by the LDS Church and facing Excommunication, for speaking the truth.

LDS Apostle Admits to False Revelation “Click here”

Mormons In Transition – Can You Know Something ‘By Revelation’ That Is Not True? Can You Know Something ‘By Revelation’ That Is Not True?By:

John Dehlin is Excommunicated from the LDS Church “Click here” KSL News

The news twists  the story of John, focusing more on his comments about gay marriage and Women obtaining the Priesthood than that of the doctrine in which he spoke the truth.





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