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StayLDS.org – What?

StayLDS.org – What?

Welcome to the newest website in the Bloggernacle ! StayLDS.org is back with a new owner and obviously, things have changed a bit.

You may remember the old StayLDS.org, which was basically using a URL similar to the popular StayLDS.com . They used the site to spread the tired old anti-Mormon rhetoric to capitalize on the similar .com name. The URL was saved when it expired and will hopefully be a good place to find community, information and maybe find something helpful.

The goal of this new site is to share some of my experiences and knowledge I have gathered while being in this space. My individual journey has led me to other places, people and new experiences. This website will be a place of sharing and mostly faith promoting ideas.

I will never suggest that someone leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but also fully support people’s decisions. I also believe in the power of personal revelation, one’s own logic/reason, circumstance and the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. I have a testimony of God sending us to unfamiliar places, sometimes away from the church.

As far as myself goes, I am no one special in the church or a superstar in the LDS online community. I am just an ordinary guy finding his way in the universe. I hold a nuanced view of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, believe in individualism, personal revelation and people’s ability to approve or disapprove of people, doctrine, tradition and religious practices

I look forward to posting more in the future. All of the above will be expanded and explained in future posts.


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