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Does Truth Matter? Confused? Troubled? 
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 To Stay or Not to Stay: Weighing the Reasons                                                         

   So is the Church true or not?



 Is Mormonism the best thing out there?

Are good works enough? Do other churches have all the ordinances necessary for salvation? What about the proper priesthood authority?
Why should I want Christianity when the Christians I know are no different than those of the world?
Out of Mormonism - Video
 How to handle the inevitable family conflict
So What are Mormon Beliefs? Some Mormons Don't even know this.
This Video puts it in perspective.  (Click Here)
 **Site Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with, an anti-Christian website in line with Joseph Smith's and Brigham Young's
 attack on Christianity. The LDS founders proclaimed all of Christendom was corrupt and all its denominations and creeds abominable.
Rather than seek to keep people in darkness, we encourage Mormons to examine the origins of Mormonism and see if it holds
 up under scrutiny. Eternity is too long to be wrong. If we didn't care, we wouldn't be here. The Truth is the Truth.
We would rather be divided by truth than united in a lie.
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