You Have Questions, Now What?

Why Investigate?

“Mormonism must stand or fall on the story of Joseph Smith.  He was either a Prophet of God, divinely called, properly appointed and commissioned or he was one of the biggest frauds this world has ever seen.  There is no middle ground.  If Joseph was a deciever, then he should be exposed, his claims should be refuted, and his doctrines shown to be false…” – Doctrine of Salvation, 1:188-89 – President Joseph Fielding Smith – 10th President of the LDS Church

Such a resolute statement characterizes the faith of one who is prepared to defend its foundations. Indeed, in order to have a reasonable faith (one rooted in historical truth and supported by rational inquiry) a defense of truth requires “full disclosure” of what can be known about a given religion. Historically, the Mormon story is a young one, and for that reason alone is relatively easy to investigate. If you believe that the LDS Church is true, you should not fear to investigate it, but welcome an examination of facts. Only lies have to be protected and hidden—and by the proclamation of President Joseph Fielding Smith, they must also exposed at any cost.

So, you’ve just heard or you have been questioning the doctrine or teachings of the LDS Church (Mormon Church). You say “but it has to be true, we are the only true church in the world.”  In the pages in this website you will find scriptural references. I implore you to look them up. In Religion you can’t take the cafeteria plan, I’ll believe a little of this, a little of that but I don’t believe this or that. The Truth Matters.

You’ve been told “Mormonism is the fastest growing religion on the earth” factually Mormons are leaving their church by the millions, estimates are that out of nearly 15 million members over 10 million have left (see the page “Mormons leaving in Droves”). Why are they leaving? is it that they just can’t be worthy? didn’t have a strong testimony to begin with? Actually those who are leaving were very faithful, temple recommend holders and worthy according to Mormon standards. After hundreds of exit interviews we have found many leave because they have not been told the whole truth, only 1/2 truths. Issues such as the LDS Church admitting The Book of Abraham was a lie, Joseph Smith having over 33 wives, some of whom were married to other men (yes he consummated those relationships – they weren’t just face book friends).  They discover the huge Doctrine differences and take notice of the difference between the Book of Mormon and Mormon Doctrine. The LDS Church is now approaching some of these topics telling the truth by calling them “Essays” where they admit to these problems.

Mormons as I have said are great people, I used to be LDS, they are loving, compassionate and works driven to do good. The problem is the Doctrine is wrong, Jesus spoke more of Doctrine than anything, Paul also explained doctrine and what the Christian Doctrine is (not the creeds). The Bible tells us the Doctrine of the God head, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Why does it matter what you believe? One thing through our ministry we have noted is you really got to want Jesus to accept the truth. You really have to want heaven with all your heart and “seek God” and you will find him (Proverbs 8:17).  You want to be “Together Forever” with your family? only through Jesus can this happen, not with handshakes and tokens. There are 66 bible verses that reference for us to seek God. The Truth does matter and your relationship with Christ matters. Its about relationship, not religion, so do you know who Jesus Christ is? It matters that you know because in John 8:24, Jesus said “I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.” We know that the wages of sin is death, but before this verse Jesus explains who he is, he is God!

I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.

“Friend, I would rather be divided by truth than united in error” Adrian Rogers

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